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From our hearth to your hands

Tortilla Ranch grew out of a love for fresh and authentic Mexican food. We start each day as though we’re cooking for our own families and friends, with traditional preparations and the best ingredients we can find.


Making food taste great takes time, and we know you don’t have much to spare. We get going early to bring you the slow-cooked dishes our moms used to make. Only faster. Whether you have 10 minutes or an hour, you'll always eat well at our table.


The muse behind our logo

The Aztec goddess of nourishment and plenty embodies what Tortilla Ranch is all about. She's inspired generations of families to come together, giving thanks for the land that feeds them. Carrying stalks of maize in her arms, this iconic figure encourages everyone to gather round her table to share in the harvest. 

Love notes from our fans


YELP.COM - Dave R.

“Went there for lunch Friday and had the Ancho barbecue salmon tacos, which were out of this world." 


YELP.COM - Jami H.

“Love this place! My husband gets take-out for us at least twice a week, and our food is consistently fresh and delicious! I especially love the vegetarian tacos, but the nachos and burritos are great as well.”


YELP.COM - Josel B.

“Tortilla Ranch has the seafood bowl I've been waiting forever and a day for... This new Mexican grill on the block has stolen my belly's heart!”

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